What We Do

Our three-sided display trailers can be driven virtually anywhere, day or night for high recognition.

This enables both branding messages and a ‘call to action’ to have maximum impact.

Bitumen Billboards can be mobile, stationary, or a combination of both

It’s unusual and eye-catching in comparison to other forms of signage

Artwork and Route are customised to your specific needs

How it works

Strong graphics in a mobile and stationary environment provide the perfect combination to advertise your brand.

The average Australian spends 7.5 hours per week in the car, providing the perfect stage for your billboard.

Chat with us

Tell us about your company, your brand, and your goals. Bitumen Billboards can go wherever you want, together we plan for the best possible advertising exposure.

Your Display Poster

You can create the artwork yourself or we can refer you to a graphic design team. The artwork is printed on translucent paper so your message can be seen day and night.

Bitumen Billboard's Hits the Streets

To maximise visibility of your message Bitumen Billboards go wherever you want to go. Together we develop a route that includes both mobile and stationary displays.

Our Rates

Note : Prices are exclusive of GST |  Should you require other time combinations please call or email us to discuss your needs.


A one off printing cost. This covers the production of three identical posters.



A fully done for you campaign that includes printing and 6 hours of advertising, that enables your brand & message to reach a significant number of people & businesses.

(6 hours per day)

$1900 + GST

The six-hour time block ensures visibility across a range of areas (assuming you are reusing your images).

(3 hours per day)

$1200 + GST

For 3 hours everyday for 3 days can cover across a range of locations (assuming you are reusing your images).


$900 + GST

A 6 hour time block can give you the maximum visibility for the day across different locations (assuming you are reusing your images).


$450 + GST

The 3 hour campaign enables variety and provides a large visual impact (assuming you are reusing your images).

Need more info on how it works or a custom quote?

PHONE: 0408 035 677